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From its inception in 2013 woodART has embodied contemporary furniture design,

incorporating natural solid timbers.

All pieces are custom designed and created by hand, in Southern Adelaide, South Australia.

I have been passionately involved in the furniture industry for more than 20 years.

I started my apprenticeship as a cabinetmaker in 1995 and then went onto study in furniture design.

I have worked in all aspects of the industry, from custom commercial to bespoke residential furniture, kitchens and commercial office fit outs. 

I have been privileged to have explored a variety of working roles within my profession, and have had the greatest pleasure in discovering my passion for art and design. 

woodART brings you a fusion of the perfect imperfections of natural products and the care and detail of artisan creation.     

At woodART you can be assured of a genuine custom, one off family heirloom piece.

Please contact me at woodART to start your journey of creation.



1995 – 1998: Apprenticeship in cabinet making, joinery & wood machining, SA

1999: Architectural joinery and kitchens, SA

2000 – 2003: Commercial and systems furniture manufacturing, SA

2004 – 2008: Commercial and systems furniture showroom, SA

2009: Systems furniture showroom, NSW

2010 – 2011: Systems furniture manufacturing & showroom, WA

2012 – 2015: Commercial office furniture & joinery, SA

2013: Founded woodART



1995: Prevocational cabinet making & wood machining

1999 - 2000: Advanced cabinet making 1 & 2

2003 – 2004: Diploma in furniture design

Since 2002: Over 15 years experience with AutoCAD and other visual design software


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